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March 25, 2013


Article in Landscaping network.

" Want to step out your back door and feel like you’ve escaped to a tropical resort? The Tiki Hut Company, specializing in high-end, custom-built thatched tiki huts, helps celebrities, resorts, zoos, restaurants and more create the tropical theme they desire. With experience building palapas on private islands throughout the world, Nick Schrauwen, president of the Tiki Hut Company, has a wealth of expertise on designing and installing thatched structures. Check out his dos and don’ts to learn more about custom tiki huts.


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They must blend into your house design and landscaping. They can be contemporary (sanded and stained) or can be natural with curves and character to match an aspect of the surroundings. Pressure treated eucalyptus looks nice in a modern setting, while a peeled cedar will provide a more rustic quality....

June 8, 2012

The Capital One Venture ad entitled, "Destination Wedding" features a hut created by The Tiki Hut Company. The work lasted about 4 days. The commercial was shot in California at Trump International. The turnaround was quick; we had 4 days to shoot a 12 day project. The Tiki Hut Company was commissioned to create and build a tiki hut with a thatch roof and bamboo structure to emulate a wedding reception.

The commercial took 6 hours to film; the break down was 2 hours. The Tiki Hut Company organized, constructed and took down in 3 Days! We had raving reviews from our client who loved our professional expertise and our ability to keep to our deadline.  For anyone wondering, Alec Balwin is a very cool...

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