Tiki Hut Palapa Bali Thatched Roof

Thatch Panels

The Tiki Hut Company specializes in the installation of natural thatch panels and synthetic thatch panels. Thatch panels are quick to install and can be freighted on pallets. The advantage of thatch panels is that they are easily replaced if damaged and are easy to transport.

African, Bora Bora, Mexican and Island thatch panels are the main styles that The Tiki Hut Company builders use. These styles are all available in natural and synthetic panels. The choice of the two types of panels are aesthetics and price.

Natural Thatch Panels

Natural thatch panels are one of the most popular panels used throughout USA, Europe and Asia. Natural thatch panels are ideally suited for umbrellas, shade structures and installation on sub roofs.

Synthetic Thatch Panels

The advantage of synthetic panels is that they will last for 20 years, are pre-fire retarded, UV resistant, and are light enough to handle effectively on a roof.


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