Thatch Types for Custom-Built Tiki Hut & Palapa Structures

The Tiki Hut Company specializes in the art of thatching to provide customers with custom-built structures that appeal to their tastes and lifestyles. We utilize our thatching expertise in the use of materials such as natural Palm and Bali thatch, as well as all types of Synthetic Thatch. 

Please browse through our Thatch Type products and galleries :

Palm Thatch

The rustic nature of palm thatch is timeless.  Palm thatching is economical and is our most widely used form of tiki hut and tiki bar thatching. Palm fronds are used to thatch huts in South East USA and Caribbean as well as Asia. Life span is generally 4-8 years depending on batten spacing and closeness of the palm fronds. 

Bali Thatch

Bali or Elang-Elang thatch is aesthetically the smoothest thatch available. Bali thatch is symbolic of a beautiful weave pattern on the underside. 

Natural Thatch Panels

Natural thatch panels are one of the most popular panels used throughout USA, Europe, and Asia. Natural thatch panels are ideally suited for umbrellas, shade structures, and installation on sub roofs.

Synthetic Thatch Panels

Synthetic Thatch is a great alternative to natural thatch and can be used on any structure. The Advantages:  Will last for 20-30 years (compared to 2-3 for natural thatch), is pre-fire retarded, UV resistant, maintenance- and bug- free, and is light enough to handle effectively on a roof. Our clients in California and the Caribbean love the synthetic option because they can customize the appearance and color of each panel to get the look they want.


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