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Palapa shade structure

Blog: Thatch Types

February 8, 2013

Comparing Synthetic Palm Thatch panels and Natural Palm Thatch panels is not as easy as choosing one or the other based on economic criteria. At the start of the selection process Synthetic Thatch always seems more expensive,  but over an extended period of time, synthetic thatch is cheaper.  This period is usually at 10-12  years where it is break even and then Synthetic thatch starts to be the more economical choice. The Natural Thatch's life span compared to Synthetic thatch's lifespan is important when deciding on which type of thatch to choose. In choosing the thatch, there are factors that will be needed to be taken into consideration such as, roof pitch, maintenance expense over life of product, installation expenses, thatch being fire retarded, cost of repairs if required and most importantly whether the thatch is in the shade or exposed to full sun.  If natural thatch is used on an open roof i.e. no plywood and synthetic is used on a subroof, then the comparison will be...

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