Palm Thatched Roof the Bahamas Islands
Palapa shade structure on dock

Natural Palm Thatch

Natural Palm Thatch

One of the oldest, most traditional types of roofing materials, Palm thatch, is our most widely used thatch. The different types of Palm Thatch are:

  • Sabal palm fronds, used for authentic thatch tiki huts
  • Tahiti thatch panels, woven together from desert palm leaves
  • Woven sheets called Mexican Raincape or Palapa thatch 


We have used all types of thatch and can best advise you on the pros and cons of each type of thatch. Selection of the thatch is critical and is usually based on weather conditions of the area.

It is a replenishable resource making it eco-friendly and because temperatures under the palm thatch structure can be 15-20 degrees cooler than outside, it makes for an economical outdoor living space and investment.

Palm thatch structures with a pitch equal to or larger that 12:12 will last longer than roofs that are shallow. Palm Thatch commonly lasts 10 years in Florida and 15 years in California, depending on installation and climate.

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