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Blog: Recent Tiki Hut Projects

July 6, 2013


Largest Thatched Tiki Bar In The Caribbean

The Tiki Hut Company has just completed a custom designed tiki bar for one of the most exclusive golf and ocean clubs in the Bahamas. Working closely with the architects and design staff, The Tiki Hut Company has completed the project from conception to completion. Now the largest thatched tiki bar in the Caribbean, it serves as the club's bar and dining area and is located right on the beach at the main pool. Not only is this structure the largest of its kind, it's by far the most unique. Four dorma windows were built-in to allow natural light into the bar area. The windows were positioned to face to the four points of the compass: North, South, West and East.

Take a look at a few of the photos taken throughout the project:
November 27, 2012

The Tiki Hut Company has recently completed an ipe Deck construction in The Exumas, Bahamas. TTHC was awarded a contract to complete a large fuel dock for a private client as well as install state of the art, remote controlled boat lifts. Contract included underwater bolting of bracing and installing openings to allow tidal surge to pass through deck in sections elevating the upward forces on the deck substructure. Fortunately, all work was completed  before Hurricane Sandy struck, and the deck withstood 6' tidal surge, without any damage.

Ipe decking was fastened from below, giving the deck a smooth look free of screw heads. 1 1/2" thick by 5 5/8" wide (2x6) Ipe boards were use for decking. 

To see more photos, see decking gallery.


June 8, 2012

The Capital One Venture ad entitled, "Destination Wedding" features a hut created by The Tiki Hut Company. The work lasted about 4 days. The commercial was shot in California at Trump International. The turnaround was quick; we had 4 days to shoot a 12 day project. The Tiki Hut Company was commissioned to create and build a tiki hut with a thatch roof and bamboo structure to emulate a wedding reception.

The commercial took 6 hours to film; the break down was 2 hours. The Tiki Hut Company organized, constructed and took down in 3 Days! We had raving reviews from our client who loved our professional expertise and our ability to keep to our deadline.  For anyone wondering, Alec Balwin is a very cool...

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