Palapa Tiki Hut Bali Synthetic Thatch Island Roof
Synthetic custom palapa at pool
Tiki Hut Palapa Synthetic Thatch Pool Bar
synthetic Thatched Island Roof
Palapa Tiki Hut Bali Thatched Island Roof

Synthetic Artificial Thatch Panels

Synthetic thatch panels are a popular alternative to natural thatch. The advantage of synthetic thatch panels is that they will last for many years, are fire retardant, weather resistant and are light enough to handle effectively. Synthetic thatch panels are more expensive than natural thatch panels, but in the long term are more economical because they don't require maintenance or replacement for many years, whereas the natural thatch panels will have to be replaced 2-3 times during that time. Synthetic thatch panels are the ideal product for long term thatching needs.

The Tiki Hut Company has a wide selection of synthetic thatch panels that are fire retardant to California codes.


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