Palapa Tiki Hut Bali Thatched Island Roof

The Tiki Hut Company Recent Projects

South Florida Tiki Pool Bar Timelapse

See how this South Florida tiki pool bar project came together, from start to finish.

Tiki Hut Re-Thatch Timelapse

View a tiki hut re-thatch project from removal of old thatch to the final newly thatched project.

Installing Logs for Restaurant Timelapse

Themed log installation Project from start to finish by The Tiki Hut Company.

Restaurant Bar Installation Timelapse

Restaurant tiki bar installation and custom theming by The TIki Hut Company from start to finish.

Thatched Lean-To Installation Timelapse

Thatched lean-to installation by The Tiki Hut Company from start to finish.

Restaurant Trellis Installation Timelapse

Restaurant trellis installation and theming by The Tiki Hut Company.

Large Bahama Island Tiki Bar

Our Largest Thatched Structure To Date, built in the Bahamas for exclusive golf and Ocean club

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