Ipe Decking on Dock
Palapa shade structure

Capital One Commercial

The Capital One Venture ad entitled, "Destination Wedding" features a hut created by The Tiki Hut Company. The work lasted about 4 days. The commercial was shot in California at Trump International. The turnaround was quick; we had 4 days to shoot a 12 day project. The Tiki Hut Company was commissioned to create and build a tiki hut with a thatch roof and bamboo structure to emulate a wedding reception.

The commercial took 6 hours to film; the break down was 2 hours. The Tiki Hut Company organized, constructed and took down in 3 Days! We had raving reviews from our client who loved our professional expertise and our ability to keep to our deadline.  For anyone wondering, Alec Balwin is a very cool guy.

Lifting the roof till bamboo is in place
Finished Hut interior
Alec Baldwin in the Capital One "Destination Wedding" ad

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