IPE Decking and IPE Wall Cladding

The Tiki Hut Company Deck Construction

The Tiki Hut Company designs and builds custom large decks, docks, walkways, boardwalks and small patio decks. The Tiki Hut Company uses Ipe hardwood, pressure treated lumber and synthetic decking materials for our custom designed and constructed decks, boardwalks and patios. TTHC has over 15 years of experience with IPE decking and cladding from large to small contracts with complex designs and fixing.

Ipe Hardwood Deck Construction

Ipe hardwood has very small deflections and expansion rates and is easy to maintain. If left to the elements it will gray, to keep its rich color, oiling will be necessary. The Tiki Hut Company and specialized in all sorts of custom decking for docks, decks and pool surrounds. We work with designers to design one of a kind custom decks and Ipe railings. 

Ipe Hardwood Wall Construction

The latest trends in home design and Eco friendly environments is to use hard wood such as Ipe, as wall accents and cladding. The R factor of wood is higher than most natural materials and Ipe wood has the third highest Janka hardness of the commercial hardwoods. Ipe has a rich dark color and lasts up to 100 years if looked after.

Synthetic & Composite Deck and Wall Construction

Synthetic or composite decking is being used more widely for areas such as boat docks, waterparks and decking exposed to chemicals, sun and water.

Call us today and let us assist you in making the right choice of deck or wall cladding that will be ideal for your needs.

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