They typically form a “cup” in the middle which gathers water and debris for nutrition Their leaves are often spotted, banded, or marbled with spines along the margins. 5. Because these plants grow in the sub tropics & the tropics, they would appreciate a good misting once a week. My Account; My Wishlist; My Cart; Checkout; Register; Log In; Bromeliads; Assortments; International Orders; Prev Next. Be careful not to overwater. Houseplant care: Neoregelia carolinae can be grown in pots or mounted on wood or cork bark. Plants prefer light shade. Symptoms of rust disease show up as light yellow or white spots on the leaves surface, the undersides of the leaves will develop liquid-filled blisters that are a rust color. Native Flower. frameEl.contentDocument.document : frameEl.contentDocument;var bContent = frameNode.document.body.innerHTML; if (bContent.trim().length <= 0) shrsl_loadGallery(shrs_strRNum, shrsl_gallery_str); else shrs_galleryLoaded = true; = 'none';}}, 1000); Crown and root rot disease symptoms include the crown turning brown and soggy, gentle tugging of the leaves will cause them to detach from plant, foul odors emanating from the center of the plant. Ananas comosus. ifrm.contentDocument.document : ifrm.contentDocument;var shrsl_gallery_str = '