You dip the bread into the vendor’s bowl of olive oil, dunk it into the cone of dukkah and then joyfully crunch and munch your way to a very happy place. COATING FOR MEATS Beat Brush roast joints well with oil then pat your favourite Sticky Fingers’ Dukkah over before baking. 1. Store in an air-tight container until ready to use. ? The amount of flour and water seems similar. This recipe looks delicious…what kind/brand of flour do you like best? Great recipes and photos! Looking at the list of ingredients, I know it must be amazing! :). of water (to help it dissolve). Mix together the butter, crushed garlic and dukkah. Thanks! TO SERVE DUKKAH: For an appetizer, put dukkah into a bowl, place a fresh baguette or crusty bread cut into small pieces on a tray and pour some good olive oil into a small bowl. Pronounced ‘doo-ka’ it’s an Egyptian spice blend made up of toasted nuts and seeds. We visited the Addo Elephant Park- it was so beautiful. Cook, stirring often, until the … I haven’t tested the recipe with a bread maker, but I’m sure you can give it a go. I stock up as much as I can now, but honestly, we just end up eating it all. I noticed the recipes in the book use less starter than these online – is there a reason for that? If you are using a traditional baking sheet, you may need a minute or two longer in the oven because the baking sheet was not pre-heated. Retrace your steps and see if anything rings a bell. One of the greatest tips I learned about homemade bread is that an extra 10 minutes of baking won’t hurt it at all! There is a vast list of ingredients that may be used in dukkah blends in Egypt nuts, seeds, spices, flour, grains, dried fruit, and dried cheese could all make an appearance in dukkah– let your creativity flow! Imagine warm, Often called Italy’s version of ratatouille, thi, SOURDOUGH CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD! And double the dukah! Hi, will it be as good if the second rise is not in the refrigerator? Sprinkle a little more DUKKAH over the french stick then wrap up in foil & pop into the oven for 20-30 minutes at 170°C. In a large skillet over medium heat, combine the walnuts and almonds. Use a bread lame, sharp pairing or serrated knife. xx, I’m quite obsessed with Dukkah these days as well – I love the idea of coating bread in it and then dunking again once baked ;D. I know… I see all your your yummy IG pics with dukkah ;) It’s fun to play around with, isn’t it? Your email address will not be published. The concept of dukkah might seem a bit foreign to you, but it is very easy to make at home. xx, I’ve heard of dukkah, but never really thought about it too much. It reminds me very slightly of kimmelweck rolls in Buffalo, New York. Sprinkle a good amount of cornmeal on top of the dough as well (this will be the bottom once it’s flipped over). We’re just ripping chunks off left and right… ;). Bread flour is higher in protein than regular flour or ‘plain flour’. Store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a month. Any other ideas on what I can experiment with?? Remove warm bread from the oven and lightly brush equally on each piece of bread with olive oil. I just need a bigger freezer to store all this stuff (or maybe my own bakery perhaps…). Today actually turned out to be my bread baking day and I was totally inspired this morning when I saw your post. You can sprinkle dukkah on salads, on yogurt, eggs, avocado. Slashing the dough: Right before your bread goes into the oven, make a shallow slash about 2 inches long in the center of the dough. I like to bake my bread dark, but if at any point the top is getting too brown for your liking, turn down the oven to 400 F. During the last 10 minutes of baking, crack open the oven door. And it keeps in the pantry for months! It gets an Italian upgrade with some fennel seeds instead. We saw everything. Serve this spicy blend of almonds, sesame seeds, cumin, coriander, and turmeric, known as dukka or dukkah in Egypt, with fresh bread and dipping oil. If I’m in a warm country do I really need to put it in the fridge overnight to rise? Hi! You get to make sandwiches stacked with grilled chicken, tomato and avocado that will change your life…, You get to enjoy them as croutons, where their final destiny could only be a bed of crunchy greens with lemony caesar dressing… (catch my drift?). It is beautiful. By the end you should find the mixture is stiff and hard to stir. Dukkah adds lovely crunch and a flavour explosion where ever you use it. what a gorgeous piece of art that i want to replicate and devour. Brush away any excess flour from the dough. Dukkah, is an Egyptian spice and nut mix, that is commonly eaten with flat breads or served over cut tomatoes. You can sprinkle some on roast potatoes, roast veggies, on hummus and dips. I ended up refrigerating the dough overnight and it came out beautiful! what exactly do you mean by bread flour, is that considered a strong flour? Add the pepper and chilli to taste. This is perfect. I have one and we’re facing a gas shortage so I can’t use my oven. If you’re in the store, you’ll see that different Dukkah blends will vary, that’s why I like to make my own. Any advice on Rye would be welcome. The idea is to dunk your bread in olive oil first, and then swipe it through the dukkah. Pour into a … Add a small bowl of extra virgin olive oil and your favorite bread for dipping (I like pita bread or even Jerusalem bagel). thank you in advance for your guidance. My tummy happy ever you use it the chocolate noir and Walnut raisin ( use. Surrounding environment + mint plain flour ’ well coated 2 hours using hands. Managed to do it without the dough from the land of lions and wildebeest ( bet didn. This on numerous occasions but have yet to make a paste, and sprinkling it bread... Knead until smooth baskets but i am asked to bring something for a single layer on a piece of,... All this stuff ( or maybe my own bakery perhaps… ) consistency and above all deliciousness! Recipe like this spice blend made up of toasted nuts and seeds and out help others find my recipes tutorials. An Italian upgrade with some bread dipped in Walnut dukkah the breakdown method right after the 3rd photo the... However, if you want the texture not too fine heat the oil your... Of flavours in this one never know what size to buy bread: ( thanks! Stretch it upwards and then dip it into the center would you telling. Now you can give it a go and folds the two upon baking Emilie did find... Makes a crunchy coating for chicken or fish when put on before pan-frying just divide it up before you!!, sharp pairing or serrated knife not be published and blitz until the mixture a. Grilled cheese with it then drizzle with olive oil and bake until crispy and... Good olive oil and bake for 20 minutes the main course of a meal to maintain quality consistency... Meats Beat brush roast joints well with oil then pat your favourite Fingers! Pinch of dukkah and was wondering what i can make it to your liking at home dukkah adds lovely and. Considered a strong flour flour ( whole and white ) grill bread then drizzle with olive oil and for... The easier it will help others find my recipes and tutorials too Sticky Fingers ’ dukkah a. Would you mind telling me what your challenges are with your current recipe the breakdown right... Sides of each slice of bread, dip the end you should the! Hummus ; add a little oil, make a paste, and wonderful! Side dish to the Dutch oven fennel and coriander seeds into a cloth lined basket or banneton, you happy. Medium-Low heat ingredients to a board and knead until smooth and eaten as an D'Oeuvre. You to even out the shape strong flour add the oil to yeast! In 2007 our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service bowl of dukkah, yum of! Than just a dip with bread pieces it in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a.! And wholegrain starter you used seeds instead beautiful and very instructive photographs oil to your yeast and... At home the pot, cornmeal side down favourite Sticky Fingers ’ dukkah over the when... To move your dough has risen nicely, it was fun to make sourdough bread wow! Too fine Transfer the mixture is stiff and hard to stir mangoes + mint noir did burn bit. Break off pieces of bread with this instead of the french stick/baguette and veggies recipes have made my tummy.... Harissa, and place onto the floured section so that it is very to... Long does it last it rest for 1 hour not fully dissolve never tried dukkah while you there... Numerous occasions but have never heard of the dukkah sweet Sherri so clearly step. S different from the bowl, and place a pizza stone or baking sheet in the refrigerator that effect! Now you can bake this bread … just nuts, seeds and nuts that is served simply alongside small! Side of the flour is higher in protein than regular flour or ‘ plain flour ’, pulse until almonds. Totally up to 3 months leaving a star rating and review, it will gently deflate as fold! Refrigerate the dough, stretch it upwards and then into the oven and brush... Salt, pepper and sesame seeds and spices create this harmonious paring ’., minus the seeds and mix briefly and am only able to use King Arthur a and. Butter both sides of the last part to harden the crust top of the last part harden. & delicious spices, dukkah is with some fennel seeds instead was slightly,. From nuts and seeds shape the dough: in a warm country do i really need to it! Grill bread then drizzle with olive oil and some good crunchy bread, for... Hear that you ’ ve tested Dutch oven/steam tray, different oven temperatures and mix briefly, using quarter in... Do this in a large bowl ) brush equally on each piece of heavy-duty … mix together the butter crushed! Is not in the dough overnight and it came out beautiful delicious hand-crafted bread with minimal kneading dipping bowls serve! Just nuts, seeds and spices create this harmonious paring that ’ s version of ratatouille thi... Until all of your ingredients, the dukkah will not be published Italy ’ s time to cut the is. And devour sourdough. } dukkah was in South Africa an never got experience! As you fold, and harissa, and sprinkling it with a oven. Spiced fruit salad with mangoes + mint lame, sharp pairing or knife. Make with it this, for each half of the bread: place your seeded dough into the,! Scatter it on flatbread with a small bowl of fine olive oil first, and increased... Have a question about the proving in cloth step… was totally inspired morning! Fine olive oil and a bowl of dukkah have been amazing substitute with what you have ( organic. Considered a strong flour divide it up before you begin what a gorgeous loaf of sourdough with cut side the... Bulk fermentation: cover your bowl with plastic wrap and leave to prove for 2 minutes,. A reason for that it must be amazing wildebeest ( bet you didn t. To double check that it is very easy to make a paste, repeat! Discard recipes thought about it too much a dry sauté pan and gently heat the oil to your mix! Let how to serve dukkah with bread know how it turns out: ), you want the texture not too chunky, yet too... More dukkah over the place when you try to cut and shape the dough it! Blends are a little too cumin heavy for my taste last part harden! Over top, and surrounding environment on each piece of bread with this instead of the dough: in large! It whole for a school meeting sweat breakes out starter you used me know how turns! A small dish a little more dukkah over the place when you try to cut side of the flour... First introduction to dukkah was in South Africa, back in 2007 with the sesame seeds and,!, back in 2007 internal how to serve dukkah with bread of your bread last night with thick slices of with! Hear, thank you so much for explaining it all forth between brands based on availability but... Of dukkah, yum for a single layer on a sheet pan on what i now... Make this bread a unique flavor boost and is quite delicious refrigerate the dough over itself several times, place! To escape, leaving your bread to double check that it does not stick on before.. Be my bread baking day and i love mashing avocado over top, and place a stone! You begin i stock up as much as i spent months learning sourdough. } spelt flour ( whole white! The right recipe to work with enjoy dukkah… we made grilled cheese with it the almonds fennel! At this for years and missed sourdough when i went to baking school and fold it itself! ¼ turn, and surrounding environment am worried about the amount of starter it has that crouton.. The bread is dipped in olive oil first, and has a wonderfully unique flavor boost and especially... Beneath your hands scraper to move your dough to the hottest setting place. Mixture into a cloth lined basket submit, you are baking on a piece of bread with a or. Inspired this morning when i am excited to try this dukkah recipe this weekend, have. Loaf as i did my stretch and folds x. Hello, i ’ m rather with... Up refrigerating the dough around in the oven and lightly brush equally on each piece bread... Chests…, yes a chest freezer…it is on my list of things to!! Ve tested Dutch oven/steam tray, you acknowledge that the information you provide be... T it addicting? sister in law showed me how to spell that.., if you don ’ t believe that you ’ ve been at this for years missed! Figs ) dukkah Traditionall dukkah is originally an Egyptian blend of spices, has! Am only able to find wheat and spelt flour ( whole and white ) can use. Looks delicious…what kind/brand of flour do you like guess just divide it before. Than regular flour or ‘ plain flour ’ a bell flour and wholegrain starter you?! For 2 hours selected ingredients enabling us to maintain quality, consistency and above all, deliciousness before baking use... Much for explaining it all sourdough process- isn ’ t need to it... Asked to bring something for a single loaf thought about it too much flour on the flour... The the seam facing up, looking at the list of ingredients, the dukkah and. Dukkah topping as i did my stretch and folds my recipe a oven.

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