Check them out. The Spear & Jackson Digging Fork was made for daily use and is quite the workhorse. Materials  - Generally, the majority of garden forks on offer will be made up of a combination of wood and stainless steel. However, if you prefer a more traditional tool, then a wooden handled spade will suit you perfectly, just be sure to keep it clean and treat it regularly to prevent rotting. The solid D grip and non-slip surface enhance the user-friendliness of this variant from Fiskars. Fiskars from Finland have been making gardening tools and equipment since 1649, and have been known to be world leaders in quality tools. The head measures at 23 cm x 14 cm, while the handle is approximately 72 cm. Excellent quality digging fork from Fiskars meant specially for working on stony ground floors or compact floors with little way. Last, but certainly not least, we carefully considered the feedback and reviews on our choices to ensure that they perform as they should. Digging fork: The spading or digging fork comes with four tines that help to penetrate and aerate the soil. Lacquered handle with D-grip offers balance and control. ‘Border forks’ and ‘digging forks’. The carbon steel head of the Rolson Digging Fork is made especially to withstand all types of dirt and mud from garden and lawns. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the best mattocks. The traditional stainless-steel range of digging and cultivating tools from Spear & Jackson combine traditional English craftsmanship with the latest technology to bring you timeless classics that are functional and durable. It also discourages mud and clay from sticking to it. This revolutionary shape was chosen for its ability to reduce both hand and wrist stress. Granted, it’s not the world’s most exciting task, but if the soil is left on the shaft and tines, your fork will be more prone to rust and rot. The handle is 72 cm (28”) and the head is 23 cm x 14 cm (9 x 51/2 inches). Of course, Traditional Children’s Digging Fork is no exception from the craftsmanship and thought-out design that the brand has perfected over the years. Each gardening trowel has been assessed thoroughly by our gardening experts and has been awarded a clear star rating out of 5. Just like the full-sized options, this 32-inch, 1.7-pound fork comes complete with mirror polished, rust restraint stainless-steel prongs and a vintage style YD handle for the ultimate performance and comfort. Draper has been manufacturing and selling garden tools in the UK for more than 90 years, and this variant also lives up to its legacy of quality. For sure, this one's the best garden fork you need for gardening. If you’re potting a few plants, you probably won’t be too phased by the shape of a handle, but if you’re digging for long periods of time, the handle can make a whole lot of difference, even if you’re wearing gloves. Bulldog 7104 Evergreen Border Fork. The Spear & Jackson Digging Fork is a timeless tool that never goes out of fashion. So, without making any further ado, let’s jump right into it! The Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork is ideal for aerating the soil, cultivation, turning the ground, and breaking the soil up. Here, we will be providing a review of 10 different digging fork models to make your decision-making a little bit easier. If you’re taller than average, you should opt for a longer handle to avoid straining your back, this is particularly important if you spend a significant amount of time gardening each week. The stainless steel tines mean that soil does not stick to them making it less arduous to use and easier to clean. Best for: Durable digger. The Draper Heritage Range Border Fork is manufactured according to EU standards and comes at an affordable price. For other garden tools see our guide on edging shears. It has four prongs of super hardened steel and is known to be sturdy during work. Compost fork: The shape and length of the compost fork differ according to the brand. A garden fork can also be used to turn a compost pile—just use a long-handled fork … Weight  - If you’re digging a large space of soil, it can become somewhat of a workout. With a smaller size head than the other model from Spear & Jackson, this fork is intended for digging and turning over the earth in borders, in between plants or in areas of your garden where space is limited. If you have a little mini-me that loves to spend time in the garden with you, you’ll find it hard to resist this perfectly proportioned stainless-steel digging fork created with budding gardeners in mind. A: In order to keep your garden fork in tip-top condition so it will give you years of use, it’s important that you clean it regularly. Since it is lightweight, it can be moved around easily. Length  - For most gardeners, a shaft that is around 28-30 inches it an ideal length so that you can dig in comfort unless of course, you’re buying a hand fork. Fiskars ergo D- handle steel garden fork is a professional garden tool that you can use in multi-purpose like digging soil, loose surface, gather garbage, lift and turn garden materials. Tel: 01279 401572. The shaft of the garden fork is the next thing you pay some attention to when it … It is also useful for raking weeds and stones. However, not all gazebos can survive all weather conditions.... Best Gazebo Legs Weight in ABC Canopy Heavy Duty Gazebo Weight BagsAutoBaBa Large Gazebo Weight BagsRIOGOO Gazebo Sand WeightsThis product review was written by Ainsley Hunter This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter [table id=478... 10 Best Garden Trolleys in VonHaus 75L Garden Tipping Trolley Oypla Heavy Duty Green Garden Cart LIFE CARVER Foldable Garden Cart This product review was written by Charlie Miller This product review was written by Charlie Miller [table... 10 Best Leaf Blowers in Makita BHX2501 24.5cc 4-Stroke Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower Garden Gear Leaf Blower Hyundai HYBV3000E 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter This product review was written by... 10 Best Garden Hose Reels in Vonhaus Hose Reel Gardena 13mm x 20m Hose Reel Hozelock 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 50m Hose This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter ... 10 Best Garden Spades in Kingfisher CS570 Digging Spade Kent and Stowe Digging Spade Fiskars Xact Digging Spade This product review was written by Charlie Miller This product review was written by Charlie Miller Best Garden... Good quality affordable border fork for aerating the soil, Good quality digging fork meant for light usage in gardens, Good quality border fork for digging, aeration, and moving of the soil, Affordable, daily digging fork with stainless steel head, Long lasting garden fork with a 10-year guarantee and a total length of 156 cm, Excellent garden fork for aerating and border digging, Good quality garden fork with plastic coated grip for insulation, Excellent durable border fork with epoxy coated tines for durability and longevity, Excellent quality carbon manganese steel shaft with a steel-forged head for maximum durability, Excellent quality garden fork for moving soil, aerating it and raking weeds and stones. Lowest Prices. The border fork is slightly smaller than a garden fork. This alteration in the metal ensures that you use less energy during your work and get everything done in lesser time. A number of manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty so you can shop with the peace of mind that your purchase will last a long time. Super Steel Heavy Duty 4 Tine Spading Fork is one of the best heavy duty garden fork today. The Vega Hand Fork. To summarise, a border fork is best for confined spaces, whereas a digging fork is better suited to open spaces such as allotments. The handle on this garden fork will provide up to 4 times the size of the gripping … In this article, we review the best garden hand trowels for different needs and clearly list the pros and cons of each one. This also makes a perfect gift for gardeners. This model is meant for taller landscapers and gardeners. The best garden fork: avoid clingy soil and troublesome rust with this robust border fork. It is not a very long handle, so tall people, may find this slightly arduous to use. The Wilkinson Sword Garden Fork is a Garden Tool Built to Last. With so much digging and bordering, raking, and re-prepping, you need to upgrade your garden tools and equipment. Their parents followed the same tradition. The Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork is a well balanced and efficient variant and is also extremely comfortable to use. Pitchfork: The pitchfork comes with three or four tines and an extra-long shaft. Stainless steel and rugged, the best digging fork is superior strength for maximum penetration into the soil without much effort. Simplicity has always been the key with traditional gardening tools, and this one upholds the mantle well. Which leads us onto our next point…. This garden fork is produced from stainless steel which is very durable and resistant to damage. As long as your fork is stored in a cool, dry place rusting shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The PD handle is made up of a polypropylene shaft. Here are 15 of the best garden forks currently available. In my opinion this is the best value garden fork for the UK market. The fork has a total length of 120 cm and weighs approximately 2 kg. It’s the kind of tool that you buy once and never have to replace, thanks to the high-quality materials and construction. It is well balanced and comfortable to use. A heavy duty digging fork is an ideal tool to handle the biggest gardening chores or even potatoes. Check the price on Amazon It is also useful for clearing out the waste during landscaping. However today, they are now made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork also comes with a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer. Weatherproofing  - Just like most garden appliances and tools, your garden fork will be prone to some wear and tear over time, particularly if they’re stored in an outside space. Although a garden fork is a crucial addition to every garden shed, you don’t necessarily need to pay a fortune to get a decent tool. Best Garden Fork with Long Handle UK Reviews 2021 . Material: Stainless steel. A: We have no doubt that some gardeners will still be using tools that date back decades, and with the right care, there’s no reason that your new purchase won’t serve as much use to you. If you’re tempted to go for a fork that is significantly lighter than 3-pounds, you should bear in mind that it may not last as long as the options we’ve featured in our review. Please come back and use my links if you are purchasing garden tools and help me find the best tools for gardeners across the globe! You do feel rather special gardening with such a shiny fork. The lightweight and oval-shaped aluminium shaft is ideally designed for greater grip. The Faithfull All Steel Fork is further coated in epoxy to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, with the right care and upkeep, you can increase your forks lifespan significantly. The stainless-steel fork has four thin and sharp tines that penetrate hard earth with ease. It’s always good to get out in the garden, whether you’re a professional, a seasoned hobbyist or an amateur; having a decent garden fork is sure to make your life easier. This is made with the best material of poly carbonate so that it can be saved from the breakage. Type: Fork. If the wooden handle on your fork becomes warn over the years, you might consider replacing it. The 10-year guarantee might just change your mind. As you can see, Spear & Jackson were a clear front runner in our search for the top picks. It might be slightly more expensive than the garden forks you can find at the local hardware store but, you know what they say – buy cheap, buy twice. These usually come with insulated prongs to protect against wires. If you’re planning on turning up the allotment or potting some new plants, you’ve probably found yourself here in search of the best garden fork for your money. The head is further layered with an epoxy coating to prevent rusting and corrosion of the tines over time. The total length is 113 cm, and the overall weight is 1.25 kg. The type of fork you need depends on several factors, including the soil type in your garden or allotment, how tall you are, and what you'll be using it for. The long handled fork-variants that this brand is known for does not have any weaknesses. Also, a garden fork can easily rake out stones and weeds as well as break up clods. Beyond price and brand, you need to consider the space in which you’ll be gardening so you can first choose the right type of fork. Happy Gardening. If you’re just getting started with your gardening hobby and you’re a little unsure of the features to look for in a garden fork, we’re going to give you a helping hand so that you can find the right tool for the job. If your garden has large roots or a massive ground, you can easily use the Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork to its best advantage. Hoes work best on small weeds. It’s worth opting for a fork that is weatherproofed so that you fork won’t show any noticeable damage early on. It is also welded firmly to the head to give it additional support while digging and aerating the soil and beds. When it came to performance, key considerations included ease of use, durability and comfort. There isn’t much room to improve the humble garden fork, but Radius Garden has given it their best shot. The lighter the fork, the easier it is to haul. The fork is square shaped for additional coverage and manufactured from extra sturdy forged steel. A fork of this weight will be durable enough to serve you for a long time without weighing you down whilst you’re hard at work. See our guide on cordless hedge trimmers for other great tools. You may also like some of these useful garden hoes from our list. This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, Radius Garden 203 PRO Ergonomic Garden Fork, Spear & Jackson R720 Stainless Steel Garden Fork, Spear & Jackson Traditional Children’s Garden Fork, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list. A garden fork is also well suited for transplanting established plants from one area to another. They are perfect for working in what are classed as tight spaces. The Silverline Border Fork can be used for digging, raking, and aerating the soil successfully. The 28-inch shaft is also outfitted with an MYD hilt to ensure comfort during use. You can use it to move barley, hay, and other bulky material. Garden Garden Tools Digging Tools Digging Tools 147 results for Digging Tools. Consider using a lawn scarifier instead of trying to aerate your grass with a fork, especially if your garden is big. First and foremost, we looked at what various different gardening brands had on offer so that we could narrow down our search. A D-shape and a T-shape. The emergence of a broad fork garden tool allowed to do the work in the garden easier and more accessible for children and the elderly. Our top pick for the best garden fork is the Truper 30293 Tru Tough Spading Fork. The 10-year guarantee ensures that you are well protected. For other great tools see our guide on long reach hedge trimmers. Today you can buy a miracle broad fork (also knows as manual tiller), which will be an excellent replacement for the usual shovel. This garden fork from True Temper is one of the most popular on Amazon. The shaft is made of hardwood for longevity and durability during work. Not only is the Truper Tru Tough Spading Fork an amazing product with high durability and affordable price, but also, the Truper brand has every type of fork with any length in this product line. It's aesthetically pleasing and durable, also also made of high-quality materials. That being said, a little care can go a long way no matter what type of steel your fork is crafted from. With the advancement in technology, there has also been a revolution in the gardening and home care industries. That makes them much lighter than a standard garden fork, and are also much easier to handle and use. The handle is made from ash. The narrower spines make it easier to turn through even thick clay than a wider-bladed fork would. The Silverline Border Fork is a handy border fork and can easily accomplish small and medium-sized tasks. Fine Tine Pitch Fork 17 Inch in Size This is the perfect pitch fork with pelleted and sawdust bedding in the garden. A garden fork that has pointed, diamond shaped prongs will be easier to sink into tough soil with minimal effort, and is also a good choice for getting a good amount of leverage behind for bigger jobs. Weight: 1.43kg. Thanks for taking the time to read my article on the best garden fork with a long handle. Above: Lighter in weight than a four-tine fork, a three-tine Digging Fork from Sneeboer has flat tines to make it easier to slice through compacted soil; for prices and dealers, see Sneeboer. You do not need to conform to this rule. For most gardeners, a digging fork or border fork will usually do the job, so we’re taking a look at the best picks right now so you can get started. Earlier, garden forks would last several lifetimes, and most Britishers would keep using them till their grandchildren played with them. Since it is lightweight, it can be moved around easily. Forking your borders to aerate the soil, or to collect stray leaves is an integral part of maintaining a good and healthy garden. The head is made of carbon steel tines for additional durability and strength. The Radius Garden 203 PRO is one of the more innovative garden forks on the market. A: In an ideal world, you’ll have a secure outside space to safely store all of your garden tools, if this isn’t the case, you should try to ensure your fork is kept out of the way of rain to avoid rot and rust. The polished stainless steel head ensures that no dirt and mud sticks to the tines. There are many great varieties of gardening tools, equipment, and implements available in the op market today. The Rolson Digging Fork is a heat-treated hammer tone. Stainless steel tines prevent soil and mud from sticking to it for too long. Investing in the wrong one can bring you a lot of heartaches later. The Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork is ideal for digging the soil, aerating it, moving gardening debris, and unsettling the ground to get rid of insects and bugs. Of course, gardening tools won’t remain pristine forever, but for an extra few dollars, it’s worth doing what you can to preserve them. With a great garden, comes great responsibility. Spend a few minutes reading up on how the hoe you chose is designed to work to make your time in the garden more efficient. The R720 border fork is no exception. The design of the Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork has been improved over the years to add durability, sturdiness, and stability during work. Alternatively, the Bulldog garden spade with its extra-long socket might be the best garden spade if you are seeking for a durable tool that is up to even heavy tasks. A garden hoe will work best if it is sharpened on a regular basis. This extremely affordable The four tines on the Silverline Border Fork are sharp and epoxy coated. Digging fork – A cousin of the garden fork, the digging fork (also known as the spading fork) is used for digging or turning over lighter soil types and for harvesting root vegetables. This can also be used for the small areas of the garden. Whether you’re a garden enthusiast or you’re just getting started, it will make your life easier if you take the time to consider which garden fork is best for you. Specifications. Back to top. Although, not all garden forks are the same, in fact, there are many types to take your pick from. In order to clean your fork properly, you should use a wire brush with some warm water, ensuring you leave the fork to dry after cleaning before putting it away. The Spear & Jackson Heritage Border Fork is a high quality tool suitable for dedicated and novice gardeners alike making it an ideal addition to any garden tool collection. When it comes to the style of a fork, it seems that a D-shape handle crafted from a wooden shaft is preferable when for both comfort and performance. Rust resistant & weatherproofed materials. Roamwild Garden Spading Fork. It's forged from hardened and tempered high carbon steel to ensure maximum strength and toughness for a lifetime use. Oval shaped aluminium shaft for greater grip, Tines made from extra strong forged steel, D grip and the non-slip surface of the handle. A good quality fork but I found it too heavy to use over a long period. The Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork has stainless steel tines and also comes with a polypropylene shaft. Here are our 10 favorite garden forks: Above: From British toolmaker Burgon & Ball, a Digging Fork with an ash handle and a comfortable Y grip is £39.95. The handlebar is designed in a YD shape that seems so easy for everyone to hold it with both hands. Might be better for a male gardener with bigger, stronger hands. Stainless-steel forks are particularly good if you have clay soil, with the added benefit that they are less prone to rust and will not corrode as easily as some other metals might. Garden Fork. But first, we’re covering all bases and letting you into the secret on how exactly we came up with our selection of the best options on the market right now. In the United Kingdom, most people grew up using the gardening tools that their parents purchased.

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