R-12 Sanden AC compressors use a specific numbering system: This kind of AC compressors use "SD" to signify the Sanden name. Find Vintage Air 04808-VMA Vintage Air Sanden Air Conditioning Compressors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! It pumps 8.4 cubic inches per revolution with a maximum 6000 sustained RPM range. Then, the units have a 3 digit code such as 709 for the R-12 Sanden AC compressors. 2010 to 13 Camaro upper A/C Sanden bracket for LS or LSX Street Rod with 2010-13 Camaro drive. The Sanden type 508 compressor provides ample capacity for even large interiors and will enhance the appearance of your engine compartment. The truth is released with this video. Long story short is that the Holley Accessory Drive Compete Kit I ordered comes with a "199-102 - AC SD7 SANDEN COMPRESSOR, R-134a" I'm also putting in Vintage Air so I'm stuck with another Compress that comes with the kit which is a SD7 or a 508. 8390, 9285, 9279, 9005, 9263, 9264: 2: 1/2" 12v: 132 mm: cl 1000: 9283, 9537, 9570: pv 7 These sanden 508 compressor are brilliantly equipped with all the latest features and technologies that can promote smart cooling, improve the air quality inside a room, and come with distinct voltage capacities such as 380/400 VAC. If the vehicle came with an A6 or you have all of the A6 mounts, the Pro6Ten is the best choice. I think that the 508 is a little bigger than the 507. Sanden 709 (9 CFM) - 7/8" fitting on the 'Suction' port of the compressor, and 3/4" fitting on the 'Discharge' port. View Item. Sanden 508 7 Piston 6 Bolt Head A/C Compressor Satin Finish DD-508 New OE real Sanden SD709 Model 4711 508 A/C Compressor satin finish, not polished with an eight groove serpentine clutch. SD-508 SD-510 SD7B10 / SD5H09 SD5H11 SD5H14 SD7H15HD and SD5H14HD 7 Cylinder SDB-706 SD-708 SD-709 SDB-709 SD7B10 SD7H13 SD7H15 SD7B15 COMPRESSOR NOMENCLATURE 2. Shame Summit can not knock of a few hundred for the compressor I don't need. Sanden A/C compressor: Difference between 508 and 709? Sanden Mini 7176 A/C compressor. The output of this compressor is 154CC or 9.36 CID. The GM R4 Compressor was common on GM vehicles from the late 1980's and 1990's, many people refer to it as the "pancake compressor". Specifications by Model. Free shipping when your order includes this part. Illustration SANDEN SD508 709 TAMA SELTEC COMPRESSOR FITTINGS W/Port: Condition: New. This Bracket moves the Sanden SD7B10, 7176 Mini a/c compressor up high on. These Vintage Air Sanden air conditioning compressors are 100 percent all-new, not rebuilt, making them the best quality compressors on the market. Displacement sizes for Sanden units are identified by the numbers on the label on the case. The perfect choice to power your air conditioning system, they put out 8.4 cu. You can usually identify a Sanden compressor by its label: Once you have this figured out, it's simply a matter of mounting all your components and connection everything with air lines. Please specify if your engine had an Sanden FLX7 - GV Rear Head, SD708, 709, 7H15 GM Horizontal Pad. Details about SANDEN SD508 709 TAMA SELTEC COMPRESSOR FITTINGS W/Port See original listing. Does this sound right? Sanden Style Compressors. 06-23-13 09:41 AM - Post# 2357764 In response to 454cid The R4 compressor is the worst piece of garbage GM ever made. It can be operated at continuous crank speeds of 6000 RPM. If you want you could use the 507. 200 1985 : posted by Rludwick on Thu May 27 03:53 CST 2004 Author: [IGNORE ALL POSTS] last visit: Sat Aug 31 16:10 CST 2013 Internally, the 508 is 5 cyl, 8 cu inand the 709 is 7 cyl 9 cu in. Adapts York bracket to Sanden style SD508, 510, 709, 7H15, 7H16 and many other Sanden and Seltec. This fits many Hot Rod and Street Rod applications and is show car quality. Available in standard finish or polished. sanden: sd5 series (r12) type: 5 cylinder swashplate capacity: sd505 - 87 cc; sd507 - 108 cc; sd508 - 130 cc; sd510 - 161 cc mounting angle: sd505 - 360o ; sd507, sd508 and sd510 - 90o left or right. $138.99 $ 138. Hi, After 9 years my Sanden 507 is dead (broken flapper valves). Looking at the Kwik relocation bracket & it says to use one of these Sanden compressors: 4514, SD5 series 4522, SD5 series 4665, SD7 series 9537, 508 series If you are using aftermarket pulleys or a newer accessory setup, use a Sanden. FREE Shipping by Amazon. These high-accuracy sanden 508 compressor are floor-standing machines and equipped with varied cooling capacity. Any year or mounting position A6 can be replaced using this kit. It has the same physical size. The 709 is perfect for smaller engines and uses less Horsepower than the 508. This adapter plate will allow you to remove the heavy York compressor and replace it with a new style Sanden compressor. These characteristics make the Sanden an almost ideal performance compressor. The Sanden Style Compressors we sell are made in the same fashion as the Sanden name-brand Compressors but aren't as pricey. Each Sanden Compressor comes pre-loaded with SP-15 oil and is backed by a 1 year warranty. Part # p-2407 cost is $125 P-2407 lets you replace the heavy A6 with a Sanden and keep its original mounting location. Sanden= Good, durable compressor. It is the SD7H15 replacement for the stock 96-02 diesel engines and 96-99 gas engines(the infamous GM HT6 belly leaker). On the outside ,they have the same bolt pattern. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 14. From Sanden's FAQ page-Q: Does Sanden still provide replacements for older compressors designed for use in R-12 refrigerant systems? in. From what I was able to determine in my research, the 508 /709 series is designed for R12, while the 5H /7H series is designed for R134a. This is a 7 piston vs. the 5 piston units and has less drag on startup and running. I have a '72 Chevelle with a 350, it had air when when I purchased it some 16 years ago. 4.7 out of 5 stars 17. I swear I spoke with someone a Vintage Air and they told me I … note: sd507 prior to june 1989 may only be mounted 45o left and 90o right. Buy, who have a 508 installed in a engine with Webers carbs? View Item. View Item. A: Due to low demand, Sanden has discontinued R-12 models. ACTECmax Universal A/C Compressor with Black 2PK Clutch SD 508 5H14 R134A Chrome Compressor. Sanden Compressors have a specified formulated PAG oil which is important for full optimized performance of our durable and reliable Compressors. Now I know that some of you guys have the Sanden 508 installed in the 911. The numbering system is interpreted as follows: SD 508 = 5 cylinder/8.4 cubic inch, SD 7 = 7 cylinder/ 6.1 cubic inch. 4. This is LS Brackets New State of the art Narrow Bay compressor bracket. Pro6Ten= Sanden compressor with A6 mount points and hose connections. We value such as important factors to our customers and would therefore urge the correct usage of such oils. Item # 440-799 Sanden GT Rear Head, SD7H15 Vertical Pad at 90 Degree. sanden compressor model: grooves: groove width: volts: clutch diameter: part no. SD 709 7 R12 7.9 (130) 15.2 2 Mineral CW only SD 7H13 7 R134a 7.9 (130) 13.9 2 PAG SP-15 CW only SD 7H15, HD 7 R134a 9.5 (155) 15.2 1 and 2 PAG SP-15 CW only SD 7H15SHD 7 R134a 9.5 (155) 17.6 1 and 2 PAG SP-15 CW only SD 7H15 Super HD 7 R134a 9.5 (155) 15.2 1 and 2 PAG SP-15 CW only. Ended: Aug 04, 2020. A brief comparison on two manufacturers of Aftermarket a/c compressors. Subject: Re: [DmcToday:1] Differences between Sanden SD508 and SD510 AC compressors I was wondering if anyone is currently running a SD508 AC compressor. Speedway Sanden 508 Chrome A/C Compressor made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $349.99. Your making a good choice in replacing it with a Sanden compressor. It is the 7 pistion newer version of the 507. Eliminate the old York Style compressor, and convert to a Sanden style compressor. Also the bracket that I am using is this one from ebay YORK TO SANDEN ADJUSTABLE CONVERSION PLATE Item number: 180217925436 . 12 Posts . YaeTek New Premium Quality A/C Air Conditioning Compressor 12V/V-Belt Pulley for Sanden 508 Style Chrome Compatible w/R-12 and R134A. Suprisingly my 31 year old SD510 is still pumping cold air. So I have a Sanden 508 a/c compressor with a two groove pulley. Fits all Vintage Air brackets: Sanden SD 508 Compressor 134a 04808-VUA Double V groove pulley-standard finish Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 26, 2016. 99. Vintage Air 04709-VMQ - Vintage Air Sanden Air Conditioning Compressors Air Conditioning Compressor, SD 709, Aluminum, Polished, 7-Groove, Serpentine, R-134A, Each Part Number: VTA-04709-VMQ It is designed to work with the SD7B10 Sanden 7176 Mini compressor. Sanden 507 or 508. Bolt on bracketry to replace that large heavy A6 compressor with a Sanden or Seltec compressor. Sanden SD 508 Compressor This compressor is recommended for all Vintage Air systems. These compressor sanden 709 are brilliantly equipped with all the latest features and technologies that can promote smart cooling, improve the air quality inside a room, and come with distinct voltage capacities such as 380/400 VAC. My sanden 4 years ago was $200, now they are right around $270-300. SD7H15/ HD, SHD SD-709 SD7B10 / SD5H09 SD-505 SD5H11 SD-507 SD5H14 SD-508 5 Cylinder SD-510 2.0 Compressor Nomenclature R-134a R-12 SD 7 H 15 HD HD- Heavy Duty SHD- Sealed HD Approximate Displacement In CC’s divided by 10 Port Location B- Body H- Head Number of pistons Sanden wobble plate piston type compressor SD 7 H 15 HD SD-709 The Sanden compressors that are designated for the R-134 freon use a slightly different code than the R-12 Sanden compressors. Item # 440-797 Sanden KG Rear Head, SD709, SD7H15 Horizontal 8 and 10 O-Ring. Convert your GM R4 Compressor to a Sanden SD5H14 / 508 or a SD7H15 / 709 compressor. This is a new Aluminum A/C relocate bracket for 2010-13 Camaro LS engine. Item # 440-798 Sanden WJ Rear Head, SD7H15, 8 and 10 Female O-Ring. Sandens common leak points seem to be the shaft seal behind the clutch. Sanden manufactures AC Compressors for many makes around the world. I want to change it over to a serpentine style pulley and one of the guys at Vintage Air says I cant, I have to buy a new compressor. These high-accuracy compressor sanden 709 are floor-standing machines and equipped with varied cooling capacity. This bracket moves the A/C compressor to the top of the engine giving you frame clearance in older cars and Truck Uses a Sanden 508 SD5H 6629 compressor.